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Body Massage
Go on - treat yourself or a loved one to one of the following fantastic massages.


Swedish Massage 1hr - £30
The Swedish Massage is shown to help reduce pain, joint stiffness and improve blood circulation! 

Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage   1/2hr - £20
The perfect way to end a stressful week!

Paraffin Wax Treatment   1hr - £30
Ideal for aching muscles, combined with back, neck and shoulder massage
Purifying Back Massage   1hr - £35
Excellent for after sports and sun exposure. Powerful sea and botanical extracts provide moisture to help restore your skin's ionic balance and lock in skin renewing benefits. The refreshing gel completely nourishes and hydrates the skin which leaves it soft and smooth.
Hot Stone Massage
Placing flat and smooth hot stones on key parts of the body, your circulation will improve and your nervous system will be calmer.  The heat warms and relaxes your muscles allowing deeper pressure to be applied in the massage if desired.
This massage is excellent for a variety of health conditions, including back pains and aches, poor circulation and arthritis pain.
Full body  1hr - £45
Half body  1/2hr - £30

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