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With the summer fast approaching, we are all praying for that little bit of sunshine to help give us the glowing tan we all crave............however, we all know that glowing sunshine and Scotland are rarely used in the same sentence!

Let Eskside Beauty keep you tanned throughout the summer! Select from Sienna X or Suntana.
Sienna X 
Gives an instant, sun kissed tan which develops into a deep, long lasting sunless tan over 8 hours. Sienna X is tan solution is packed with natural, organic and alcohol free ingredients to condition and tone your skin. 100% natural and paraben free!

Full Body - £20
Half Body - £10
Using carefully balanced ingredients, Suntana has developed a luxurious decadent tan. Suntana dries quickly so you don't have to worry about streaks, runs or mistakes! 100% natural and paraben free.
Full Body - £20
Half Body - £10
You can now get the Essex tan at Eskside Beauty with Lauren's Way Spray Tan!!
Full Body - £20   Half Body - £10
       Please see below for some helpful advice on preparing for your tan

  • Exfoliate your skin (Exfoliating allows the solution to dye the layer of skin that is likely to last the longest and also removes the dead skin cells as well as any excess oils that could inhibit the absorption of the applied solution)
  • If you moisturise after exfoliation, please make sure this is done well in advance of your treatment. Not doing so will result in clogged pores which will minimise the penetration of the tanning solution.
  • Remove all make up and deodorant.
  • Any other general advice will be given on the day of appointment

     and for some aftercare tips

  • Avoid showering for 8 to 12 hours
  • To maximise the length of your tan, moisturise every day. This is key!
  • Finally, I strongly recommend you wear dark, loose clothing to your appointment
**Please be advised that under 16's must be accompanied by an adult**
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